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Scholars Ginger Jar Lamp

Scholars Ginger Jar Lamp

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The four men depicted in this design may represent the 'Four Nobel Occupations'.

In Confucian China, these revered professions were; scholars, farmers, woodsmen and fishermen. 


* Sourced from vintage stock (Approx 10-30 years old, unless otherwise stated)

* Hand-made in Jingdezhen, China's heartland of Blue & White ceramics, following traditional Qing Dynasty designs

* Hand-finished ceramic with blue & white glaze

* Please note: as hand-finished pieces made by a range of artisans, exact designs and brushwork may vary to the exact design pictured

* Table Lamp fitted with British G-Type 3 pin plug. For use: 220-240V/50-60Hz

* Bulb not included. We recommend: 60 Watt max. E27, 9 Watt max. LED or 13 Watt max. energy saving bulb

* Inline switch with 180cm fabric covered flex

* Brass-tone lamp neck


  • Height (to top of lid) 23cm x 22cm wide (total circumference approx. 72cm)
  • Height including lamp neck 34cm
  • Please note: as hand-made pieces, the jar size can vary by 2-3cm. 
  • Regular size lamp bases suit our regular lamp shade as standard. Our large shades also work fine, depending on space and personal preference


* We ship worldwide

* International flat rate of HK$400 per lamp base (HK$100 total order within Hong Kong)

* Lamp shades and lamp bases ship in separate boxes 

* Please be aware that you are liable for any duties, customs & taxes levied by the country your order is being shipped to. We may be able to give an estimate of these costs, but aren't responsible for the final charges.


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