Product Information

Colourful artisan lamp shades with ceramic bases


About our Lamps

* Your (vintage), hand-finished item may show signs of age or inconsistency, such as small marks to the ceramic, an inaccurate brush stroke or block-print: this is an inherent part of its labour-intensive creation & results in one-of-a-kind pieces

* Ginger Jars have an unglazed rim below the lid: this is part of the traditional firing process & a mark of their authenticity. The area may be lightened with soap & water if desired

* The lamp neck pivots & realigns. If the lid has moved in transit it can be lightly untwisted (by holding the lamp neck & turning) to loosen, realign & re-tighten

* Our lamp bases have an E27 bulb holder. If you wish to buy one of our lamp shades to use with a lamp with a narrower bulb holder (or lamp neck), an adapter ring can be used to reduce the lamp shade's inner ring diameter

About our Lamp Shades

* Our lamp shades use a Slip-Uno Fitter - this means the shade sits below the bulb & is secured by the lamp's top ring, then the bulb screws in place

* Our regular and large size lamp shade ring’s inside diameter is 4cm

* Our Clip-On shades are compatible with a E14 candle bulb 

* Our lamp shades are not designed to be used  with lamp bases which use a harp, however the harp may be able to be removed and an adapter ring used to balance the shade on top

Measuring your base to fit a lamp shade 

* As a general rule, a lamp shade should account for two thirds of the height of the lamp's body. Or, split the lamp & shade in thirds & ensure the lamp shade accounts for more than a third of the total height. This results in a balanced overall look

* A lamp shade should have a bottom diameter that is wider than the widest part of the lamp's body (ensure the shade's top diameter matches the width of the lamp base too)