Our Story

As an interiors enthusiast, I am passionate about unique, authentic, hand-made ceramics & fabrics. I'm also a huge fan of ever-elegant blue & white.

When it came to seeking these elements in a table lamp, however, the options I found were less than illuminating.

As for 'ginger jar lamps' in particular, these were mostly high-end antiques with a hefty price tag, or modern reproductions, which just didn't appeal.

I wanted something with a 'wow' factor - a one-of-a-kind piece that would stand the test of time.  

And when it comes to lamp shades, being a colour lover, I just can't get enough of bold, bright fabrics, which you won't fail to notice from our rainbow-bright range (classic neutrals included too, for those who prefer their base to do all the talking).

So, after many months of scouring and sourcing, testing and tweaking, The Ginger Jar Lamp Co. was born.

My business is in keeping with a quote that is dear to my heart: "Create the things you wish existed" (And so, I did!).

I really hope you love this carefully-curated, limited-edition collection as much as I have loved creating it. 

Best wishes, Kate, Founder.