Quilin Ginger Jar Table Lamp Base
quilin ginger jar base with latur silk sari lamp shade
Quilin Ginger Jar Lamp

Quilin Ginger Jar Lamp

Regular price HK$2,200.00
This unusual design depicts men riding on the Chinese mythical creature, Qulin, or unicorn.
Its name comprises both the male ('qu') and female ('lin') characters.
Please note: the design in our current collection differs to the main picture. Please see additional photos of the actual design in stock. 

This figure is known to symbolise the arrival, or passing, of a great ruler.
  • Made by hand up to 30 years ago, following traditional Qing Dynasty craftsmanship methods and design
  • Hand-painted ceramic base with blue & white glaze
  • Dimensions: 9 inch diameter x 6.3/4 inch diameter base x 9.5 inch high to top of lamp base

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