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Han Dynasty Foo Dogs

Han Dynasty Foo Dogs

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These traditional Chinese Foo Dogs, or Lions, are an auspicious addition to the home.

Originally dating for China’s Han Dynasty (206 BC), they were thought to ward off evil spirits and were placed on either side of temple doors.

This pair include a male and female figure. The male sits on the right with his paw on a ball, which symbolises the Earth, and the female on the left, with her paw resting on a cub to symbolise a nurturing and protecting element.

Our contemporary version of this ancient pair originate from Jingdezhen, China’s heartland of blue and white ceramic production.


* Hand-painted ceramic

* Inconsistent brushstrokes and paintwork may feature in areas - these are an inherent part of their hand-made nature

* A male and female is included in each unit of two pieces


* 7 inches tall x 2 inches wide x 2.5 inches deep


* World-wide shipping is included in this price

* Please note: products in this collection will ship separately to any other order items placed across the website and take up to 3 weeks for delivery

* Hong Kong delivery will be around 10 days.


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