How to style your home with Ginger Jar lamps

How to style your home with Ginger Jar lamps

Butterflies ginger jar lamp with virbant ikat lamp shade

Blue & white as a colour combination has stood the test of time - developed centuries ago in the Chinese heartland of Jingdezhen, it continues to endure as style that is ever-popular today, with every country having its own unique take - from Thailand to the Netherlands, Morocco to Spain. 

But perhaps the most ubiquitous - & popular - is the Chinese Blue & White aesthetic, which combines Asian characters & motifs in its auspicious, hand-crafted designs.

Its timeless charm makes it a versatile & ideal choice for styling pieces in the home. 

Classic Elegance 

Placing a pair of Ginger Jar lamps on matching end tables in a living room creates balance & symmetry. Adding a single lamp to a hallway console provides an attractive welcome when entering the home. Placing on bedside tables serves as a soothing yet functional reading light. And positioned at the end of a breakfast bar, they add a cosy warmth to kitchens.

Famille Rose base with Classic white silk lamp shade shade

Eclectic Mix

Ginger jar lamps can be the star of an eclectic design scheme. Paired with a boldly patterned lamp shade, they can contrast or complement other elements in a space - such as mismatched throw pillows or a unique piece of art. Ginger Jar lamps serve as a focal point, adding intrigue, whilst helping to harmonise the diverse elements in a space.

Asian Fusion

Incorporating other Asian-inspired pieces, such as silk cushions, bamboo furniture, or a shoji screen creates a serene, balanced atmosphere. The addition of a Ginger Jar lamp adds both form & function, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

Traditional with a Twist

Although traditional pieces, Ginger Jar lamps adds a contemporary element to home decor. Combine with an artisan shade, in a bold hue or vibrant weave, and these classic pieces transform in to modern, one-of-a-kind, centre pieces.  The contrast between old & new adds depth and showcases their versatility and unique charm.

Bold pink shade with classic blue and white lamp base


Vibrant Contrast

As well as traditional Blue & White Ginger Jar lamps, we also offer a rainbow bright range in our Famille Rose collection, from the 1960s, as well as our glorious jade green Hunan Jade lamps.

Let the base do the talking & pair with a neutral linen, silk or bamboo shade, or go for bold with pattern & colour in vibrant silk ikat or block-printed cotton voile to create a striking visual contrast which adds drama & impact.

Ginger Jar lamps are a versatile and elegant addition to any home, regardless of its style, whether its a timeless classic look, a bold, eclectic style or something in between. There are countless way to style Ginger Jar lamps to complement any given space.

Our Mix and Match tool is a great way to start, by discovering lamp & shade combinations to create a lamp that is as unique as the home it lights up.

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