The best Hong Kong art prints

The best Hong Kong art prints

As well as our own Hong Kong Homage art work, which features Hong Kong's iconic skyline & daily details of life in the sub-tropical city, we have included a round-up of favourite places to buy HK art prints for the home, or for that special gift or memento.

Alvin C.K. Lam

Alvin C.K. Lam's hand-drawn & water-coloured orginal art work and prints capture the essence of everyday  HK life, from bustling markets to quiet alleyways.

His art is printed on museum-grade archival paper & individually signed.

The APT Studios

Known for its vibrant photography, The APT Studios features work by well-known Instagram photographers Sam Wong & Victor Cheng. Their prints bring the dynamic colours & energy of Hong Kong to life.

The Hong Kong Arts Collective

This collective offers a variety of original artworks & prints by local artists, showcasing the diversity of Hong Kong's art scene.

Tiny Island Maps

Specialising in hand-printed neighbourhood maps & silkscreen prints, Tiny Island Maps offers detailed & locally-made pieces perfect for any Hong Kong lover.


Designer Megumi Takami’s detailed handmade pieces capture Hong Kong’s iconic landmarks with incredible precision.

Gar Lai Lau

Gar Lai Lau’s detailed ink sketches of Hong Kong’s architecture are both mesmerising & intricate, making them great conversation pieces.


HKwalls collaborates with local & international street artists to create urban art prints that reflect Hong Kong’s street culture.

Sophia Hotung

Sophia Hotung is best known for her distinctive & satirical illustrations. Her artwork often incorporates elements of Hong Kong’s iconic landscapes & cultural nuances, infused with a touch of humour & social commentary.

Sophie Hotung

The Lion Rock Press

The Lion Rock Press offers a collection of Hong Kong-inspired prints by various artists, showcasing the city's vibrant culture.

The collection features a mix of photographic & artistic interpretations, celebrating Hong Kong's unique charm.

The Lion Rock Press

These artists offer a rich tapestry of Hong Kong-themed art. Whether you’re looking to bring a piece of Hong Kong’s bustling streets, serene harbours, or cultural landmarks into your home, these sites have something special to offer. 

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