Creative ways to decorate with Ginger Jars

Creative ways to decorate with Ginger Jars

Ginger jars are a timeless addition to the home, bringing a touch of elegance & cultural richness to a given space. These versatile pieces seamlessly blend into any interior style, whether traditional or contemporary. 

The versatility of Ginger Jars 

Available in a wide range of sizes, colours, & designs, Ginger Jars can be used in countless ways to enhance a space. From grand statement pieces to subtle accents, they are the perfect finishing touch.

Living room elegance

In the living room, Ginger Jars serve as eye-catching focal point or complement existing decor. Place a large ginger jar on a console table, flanked by smaller decorative objects for a balanced look. For a more dramatic effect, group several ginger jars of varying heights & patterns together on a mantel or coffee table.

Dining room sophistication

Add a touch of sophistication to a dining room by using Ginger Jars as centre pieces. A single large one filled with fresh flowers can create a stunning focal point on the dining table. Alternatively, line up a few smaller jars down the centre of the table for a chic, cohesive look.

Bedroom Charm

In the bedroom, Ginger Jars can bring a sense of tranquility & charm. Using a pair of matching jars as bedside table lamps creates a serene, considered aesthetic. A smaller ginger jar on a dresser or vanity can also serve as a beautiful storage solution for jewellery or other small items.

Seasonal decorating with Ginger Jars

Ginger jars aren’t just for everyday decor—they can also be used to celebrate the changing seasons. In the spring & summer, jars can be filled with fresh flowers or greenery to bring the outdoors in.

For Autumn, using branches with colourful leaves or small pumpkins creates a festive display. During the holiday season, filling Ginger Jars with ornaments, pine cones, or fairy lights adds seasonal cheer. 


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