Red Famille Rose Base & Malda Silk Sari Shade

Red Famille Rose Base & Malda Silk Sari Shade

Regular price HK$3,900.00
This rare, highly-coloured base features peonies and a pair of butterflies. It is in the style of 'Famille Rose', a type of Chinese Porcelain which was first introduced in the 18th century.

The design is defined by its use of soft pastel colours which were originally introduced to reflect a more European style. The butterfly is a symbol of happiness as well as matrimonial joy. Butterflies together represent longevity, because the Chinese name for butterfly sounds like the word, ‘repeat’ – meaning a long life.  

We've paired the base with a stunning vintage silk sari gathered shade. It features a bold pink background with orange, green, purple and white florals. 


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