Emerald green glaze ginger jar with wood cover
Hunan Jade base with Anemone blockprint shade
Emerald ginger jar base and jodhpur silk sari shade
Emerald ginger jar base and gaya silk sari shade
Emerald ginger jar base and Raspberry silk ikat shade
Emerald ginger jar base and emerald cotton ikat shade
hunan green ginger jar base and chennai silk sari shade

Hunan Jade Green (plain) Ginger Jar Table Lamp Base

Regular price HK$2,800.00

This Ginger Jar features a rich green glaze which has been hand-poured to achieve this vibrant finish.

Please note, due to its antique, hand-made nature, the glaze covering may be inconsistent in places. Fine lines and holes may also be present.

We believe this adds to, rather than detracts from, its unique, rustic beauty.

Each base is unique. The exact one pictured may no longer be available so please get in touch after you order to select your own piece.

Product Information

  • Made by hand in around 1910, in Hunan Province, following traditional craftsmanship methods and design
  • Hand-poured green drip glaze
  • Due to its age, the original lid has not been preserved. It is replaced with a wooden cover
  • Dimensions: 9 inch diameter x 6.3/4 inch diameter base x 9.5 inch high to top of lamp base.
  • Please note: the width and size of each of these bases may vary by an inch in height and diameter
  • Colour may vary to the pictured base.    

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