Butterfly Pairs Ginger Jar Lamp
Butterfly Pairs base with Lilac Paisley blockprint lamp shade
Butterfly Pairs Ginger Jar Lamp

Butterfly Pairs Ginger Jar Lamp

Regular price HK$2,200.00

The butterfly is a symbol of happiness as well as matrimonial joy. Butterflies together represent longevity, because the Chinese name for butterfly sounds like the word, ‘repeat’ – meaning a long life.

Ruyi, or Fungus, are identifiable by a 3 curved design. They're often mistaken for bats or clouds. This common border pattern is a homophone for the Chinese expression 'As you wish' or 'To follow one's heart's desire'.

 Product Information

  • Made by hand up to 30 years ago, following traditional Qing Dynasty craftsmanship methods and design
  • Hand-painted ceramic base with blue & white glaze
  • Dimensions: 9 inch diameter x 6.3/4 inch diameter base x 9.5 inch high to top of lamp base 

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